Are You Also Finding It Difficult to buy PPE in USA?


Are you facing a scarcity of buying masks and other PPEs in supermarkets near you? Then you need to read this.

The Problem of No PPE Gears in the USA

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, different countries and states started to improve the current circumstances and came up with guidelines on how to shorten the curve and stay safe in different public areas. On such intervention are the application and common use of face masks to cover the nose and mouth in public domains, as stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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As these masks can prevent the respiratory droplets, this can block or slow down the major way due to which coronavirus is transmitted. But which masks should you opt for? Due to the presence of several kinds of masks, it is difficult to differentiate between the types of masks and one should you expect from a KN95 mask. What are the types of marks or amount you should spend on a mask, let’s take a deep look and discuss all of it?

There Might Be A Solution

Being known as a top-selling mask, KN95 in the USA is a non-woven high-quality fabric. The fabric and design of these masks are practical and pretty beneficial. The textures of these masks are soft and they prevent the smoke, droplets, poisonous vapor, and smoke. These masks are FDA and CE certified as the needs of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the medical service providers to exceed with time.

Buy KN95 in USA

To manage this pressure and cope up with current scenarios, we are working and collaborating with health care providers to upsurge the accessibility of these KN95 masks in the US market. Coming back to the point of percentages of particles that the KN95 mask can capture, it should be noted that it can hold approximately 95% of such elements or particles.


Is it Necessary?

Controlling exposures to other people and maintaining social distance are some of the crucial ways to protect precious human lives. These KN95 masks are perfect for filtering the dust particles, harmful substances, breathing protection, and the list continues. These should be stored at a normal temperature not exceeding 80%, relative humidity, and must not be placed in high-grade temperatures. By evaluating the current circumstances, KN95 masks are effective in capturing most of the respiratory droplets and can keep you safe. The Chinese Government asks to go for the mask fits tests to be certified as a KN95 mask. Many companies and hospitals request employees to be fit-tested.

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